Dragon City – A Basic Walkthrough for Newbies

Social Point has a list of remarkable games, and Dragon City is one of the popular choices in the simulation genre for its realistic gameplay, which makes it quite a fun game to play. It has plenty of dragons to hunt for, and you can hatch eggs to obtain better dragons. Matting different types of the dragon can help to get hybrid, epic, simple, and other types of dragons with ease.

What’s the Aim?

The very first thing that requires your focus on is small obstacles, and they are going to offer you lots of virtual currencies. Earning a significant amount of currencies plays an important role in upgrading dragons, matting, and several other purposes. So, we suggest you to go after earning of gold and gems to begin getting better into this game. For a newbie, it is important to learn about the UI and how to upgrade dragons.

Attacking Opponents

Dragons play an important role in this game, and if you keep on earning a higher amount of gold, then you will be able to feed them and train them. Training your dragon to provide experience and help you rank up in a better manner. This game is also about the battle so, you can consider protection using gems and keep on progressing with ease. Even you have to learn an easy method to defend yourself in the game.

Collecting Dragon

After getting your first dragon, you will get to know about how important they are and how you can obtain more. It is going to take less than a couple of days to obtain more than five dragons. You can spend gold on training and making them better, whereas gems will be your partner to grab new ones. If you are out of gems, you can consider using our Dragon City Cheats. This mindset of spending your currencies wisely is necessary to become a better gamer and reaching the next level without having a single issue.

Food Production

You must have to know about food production and collection stuff because it matters a lot. By creating some farms and increasing the size, you are able to feed your dragon. The majority of your virtual currency will be spent on the food, and this thing is definitely going to come in handy in various manners. Try to create more farms to keep on feeding your dragons. This will give you an opportunity to gets better and being a better gamer for sure.

Boosting Ranks

Based on the type of dragons and experience, you are given a rank. It keeps on getting better when you train your dragons, and you can boost the progression by spending currencies. You can also buy virtual currencies with the use of real money to become a better gamer, and it is also an easy option as compared to the other methods.


By completing quests, you will earn a better amount of gold, and when you unlock a new dragon, you obtain gems also. There is an icon for quests on the main screen of the game, and you can check out the huge list to go after. Each one will provide you virtual currency, and your level also enhances. You are given a rank, and it keeps on getting better when you progress toward the betterment for sure.


Above mentioned are the four major things that you will be doing throughout the game to become a better gamer. It is not easy to attain a higher amount of virtual currency based on the quests and other tasks, but if you use a wise tactic and collect limited dragon until you have large farms and other stuff in stock, you are able to get on a better level with ease.



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