Highly Efficient Tips from Expert to Earn  Gems in Dragon City

Dragon City, a simulation game, based on the breeding of dragons, earning a higher amount of gold, gems, and collecting dragons, is getting intense popularity. Among all the popular dragon games, it is highly popular due to regular updates, lots of features, and several other factors.

It is available for iOS and Android for free, whereas you can spend money on the purchase of virtual currencies for a kick start. This method will come in handy to make you a better gamer. To progress at a faster rate and becoming a better gamer, you need gold and gems.

In case you are facing issues to earn gold and gems, our guidepost can come in handy. Here, we are mentioning the top and highly efficient method, which can let you earn a better amount with ease. Let’s have a look to learn the best methods –

Top 5 Easy Ways

The gem is the premium currency in this game, and it has a higher potential of flipping the gameplay for you. By having a good number of gems, you are able to make habitats easily, hatch more eggs, and obtain better dragons. You can buy gems, but if you don’t want to then the below mentioned are some great alternatives to help you out for sure –

  • XP is playing an important role in the progression, and whenever you earn XP, you are getting nearer to level up. As your XP is full, you level up, and it will help you get a gem for free.
  • Even if you are playing this game on a daily basis, we suggest you to open this game on a daily basis once. This will give you a daily bonus, and you are going to obtain a good number of gems with ease.
  • A special reward is one of the highly effective and reliable options. This special reward is offered on every Monday, that’s why you can rely on it and obtain a good number of gems with ease.
  • After connecting your gaming account to Facebook, you are able to send an invite. Whenever your friends accept your request and joining this platform, you are going to obtain free gems. Even, it can help to earn gold coins with ease also. Isn’t it a highly reliable choice. You can also try using our Dragon City Cheats which is the easiest way.
  • Dragon League tournament is effective in helping you boost the progression and becoming a better gamer with ease. This method is highly effective, and it can make you a better gamer for sure.
  • Building a dragon stadium is also one of the effective and better options as compared to the purchase. When you build something, you are most likely to obtain a good number of golds, that’s why you can rely on it without having a single issue.

After considering the above mentioned six tips, you can enhance the overall earning, and it is easy to become a better gamer. Keep it in mind that you stay selective, which will help you become a better gamer with ease. Apart from it, the last option is to prefer the in-game purchases option.




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