Strategy To Consider in Dragon City For New Gamers

Dragon City gained a resounding success in the simulation genre, and new updates from Social Point is kept on enhancing the overall gaming experience. That’s why anyone can feel attracted to this game. To become a better gamer and reach on the next level, you have plenty of tips to follow, which will take you to the max level, and becoming the better gamer is an easy thing by following this method.

Focus on habitats

As you jump into the game and play it for several days, you will learn about a new term habitat. These are required to keep your dragons, and when you construct these habitats, you gain experience and several other things.

  • Terra habitat is cheapest in this game, and it will give you two experience points on the purchase. It cost 100 gold coins, and you are able to build it. You can upgrade these, and the maximum upgrade price is 500 gold coins.
  • You have to ensure the elem before starting the construction. You can easily find Flame, Sea, and Nature as three main types of dragons. When you are building a habitat, you should know about the type of dragons you have.
  • There are total of 12 different types of habitat that you will unlock on the type of dragon you have. The max level habitat is legend, which requires you to spend 850K gold to get started. To upgrade, you have to spend 350K gold coins. Even, you get 5M of XP.
  • When you breed a dragon, you get a new dragon, and you have to construct a habitat according to the type. This will give you an opportunity to enhance your rank in this game and become a better gamer in a small period of time.
  • Breeding is one of the important things in this game, and you are able to do it with ease. On having two different or same types of dragons, you can breed them. The benefit of breeding different types of dragon will offer you a higher number of gold coins, which can make you become a better gamer.
  • Even having a new dragon will give you curious about the type. On different matting types of dragons, you are able to unlock better types with ease. Even becoming a better gamer is a way easier thing by using such methods.
  • If you are too lazy to do traditional methods, try using Dragon City hack.

These are some key things to consider when you are building habitats because these are playing an important role in the progression. You are able to become a better gamer by considering habitats only.

The Final Verdict

After going through the matting and habitats, you can easily feel free about the type of dragons, how to breed, and the role of habitats. Keep it in mind that you stay selective to become a better gamer. This method will come in handy to make you a better gamer. To boost ranking, keep on earning gold and gems, which will play an important role for sure.



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