Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Gamer in Dragon City

Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Gamer in Dragon City

To become a better gamer in Dragon city, A mobile simulation title, earning virtual currency might seem like the most important thing. But, if you have an effective strategy, then you are able to progress at a better rate. Most of the newbie gamer keep on spending their gold and gems without considering the need for a single time, which makes them end up getting into several issues. If you focus on some of the important tips mentioned below, you can easily enhance the progression. Let’s have a look –

  1. Farming

Start by farming and keep on enhancing the number of farms to keep on getting enough food for your dragons. You can increase the capacity and size by spending gold, that’s why it is an easy method for sure.

  1. Clearing Empty Land

You have so many empty and extra land in this game. If you clear that out and construct something like habitats, you are the owner of that place, which ensures that you are collecting the higher number of dragons with ease.

  1. Learning about Habitats

Once you get a dragon, you have to build a habitat for that dragon. After getting so many dragons, you are able to progress but keep on building a higher number of habitats. This will ensure a better progression in the game.

  1. Breeding

Nothing is more important than breeding in this game because breeding helps you obtain new dragons. In order to progress at a faster rate, keep on experimenting with new dragons. When you mate new dragons, chances of getting an epic or unique dragon are higher.

  1. Collecting Gems

Gems are premium, and there are several ways to obtain them. If you want to boost progression, you can obtain gems by inviting friends on this game, leveling up, going after special rewards on Monday, and daily bonuses. This will provide a really good number of gems for sure. However, the easiest way is to use cheats.

  1. Spending Your Currencies Wisely

In order to boost progression and keep on getting better, you have to spend all the currencies wisely for sure. Start earning a little amount but do not spend, and this will help to create a pile of gold and gems. You should try to earn XP as much as possible to boost the rank.

  1. Leveling Up

XP is playing a vital role in your rank. Whenever you do something, you earn XP, and it helps to progress at a faster rate. Building habitats, clearing trees, and getting new dragons will provide enough XP.

Bottom Line

After considering these basic tips, and going after a proper strategy will boost your progression. Hope this guidepost will let you progress with ease and become a better gamer.



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